Fertility  &  Maternity

When it comes to problems with infertility, prenatal anemia, or insufficient lactation, Star Well is here to help future mothers from before pregnancy through to breastfeeding.

Female fertility is a major challenge when a woman wishes to become pregnant.In fact, infertility affects 15% of couples of childbearing age worldwide (Gerrits et al., 2017).

During pregnancy, deficiencies may occur and hinder the proper development of the embryo and fetus. For example, prenatal anemia is estimated at 15 to 20% worldwide (Gernand et al., 2016).

In 2008, a study conducted by Lisa Gatti revealed that approximately 35% of women stop breastfeeding prematurely because they consider their lactation level to be insufficient.


consumer: adult woman
concern: pre-pregnancy
active ingredients:10 vitamins, 4 minerals
form: gelcap
packaging:2 blister packs of 15
flavor: neutral
dosage:1 daily


consumer: pregnant woman
concern: pregnancy
active ingredients:16 minerals and 8 vitamins
form: tablet
packaging:2 blister packs of 15
flavor: neutral
dosage:2 daily


consumer: nursing woman
concern: lactation
active ingredients: fennel, lemon balm, and vitamin C
form: liquid stick
packaging:28 sticks containing 15 ml
flavor: orange blossom
dosage:1 stick daily