Star Well

Dietary Supplements
for Mothers and Children

Star Well

Star Well is a company specialized in dietary supplements that promote wellness for women and children:

  • From women who are considering pregnancy to expecting and nursing mothers
  • From infants and toddlers to teenagers

All of our products are designed and developed by nutraceutical experts.Star Well’s solutions precisely address the specific needs at these times in a person’s life.

The nutrients and botanical active ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure optimal efficacy.

All of our dietary supplements are made in France in laboratories compliant with exacting standards to ensure our products are of the highest quality.They come in a variety of flavors and forms so they’re easy to take.

Made in France


– Traceable raw materials

– Specialized in botanical extraction

– Expertise in nutraceutical formulation (liquid and dry forms)

– Industrial manufacturing in French factories

– Products compliant with French regulations




– Concentrated fruit juices

– Variety of flavors: fruity and sweet notes for children, orange blossom for women

– Preference for natural ingredients

– Guaranteed GMO-free plants

– Nanoparticle-free products





– Scientific studies on all active ingredients used

– Correct dose determined according to age

– Convenient size, appropriate for each form

– Several possible claims

– Solutions to targets’ current challenges